Won’t Last Long

Tucked behind the Newmarket Public Library, in Newmarket, New Hampshire, you’ll find a strange parking lot. A series of inefficient travel pathways, cars short start and stop, drivers trying to determine who truly has the right-of-way. Circle a few times, maybe you’ll find an empty space. The lot services a strip mall-esque building, the tenants include a bar, a restaurant, and (yes!) a brewery. Not where you’d expect it might be, here is Deciduous Brewing Company.

Co-owners, the husband and wife team of Frank and Maryann Zagami, run the place, and more likely than not, they are probably there at the brewery. Maybe Frank is in the middle of a brew day, maybe he’s moving beer around the cellar. Maybe Maryann is behind the bar, pouring beers. When you walk in, it feels like you’re walking into their home, their brewery. Yet,this could even be your brewery…. It is an inviting space, after all.
There is a fireplace lit, a leather couch pulled up to a small bench, a place to set your beer, a place to put down the book you’re reading and spark up a conversation with your neighbor. You’d be lucky to get a seat in this prime real estate.  Wood paneling and natural light consume the rest of the space, and heading up toward the bar you pass communal tables, more benches. 
Up at the bar, they’ve got a lot going on, as far as beer is concerned…. Fruited sours, dark beers, a series of hoppy beers that are always changing, being refreshed, as the name “Deciduous” may imply. Transient and ephemeral. On a whole, all beers are interesting to taste, all generally very good. 
Although most things in life are destined to change—like the seasons, with the leaves falling off of the trees—when you are sipping on a beer, reading that book, sitting in front of that fireplace, you just want that moment to last forever.