If you think back upon the course of your beer drinking history, there are undoubtedly certain beers or breweries that will stand out. This could be the case for you for any number of reasons. Perhaps it was a new beer-style or flavor that opened your eyes to something. Whoa, that is what an Imperial Stout is! 

Maybe it was the first time you tried that sought-after beer that you’ve been wanting to taste. Ahhh, Pliny the Elder is delicious, I can indeed confirm.  
Or possibly, it’s a good series of memories of drinking good beers from a good brewery. Sharing something delicious and clean with people you love, but not necessarily needing those beers to be unachievably special or unique. For me, one of the best memories from my beer drinking history would easily be sharing beers from Victory Brewing Company with my Dad in Upstate New York. 
Many of those Victory beers were pivotal to me in my early, formative drinking days. Hop Devil, your classic East Coast expression of an IPA, clean and crisp and bitter. Old Horizontal, possibly the first barleywine that I was exposed to. Yakima Glory (Twilight), black IPA anyone? Storm King, a massively expressive Imperial Stout.  Hands cupped around a snifter glass of Storm King, sharing one of those with my old man on a snowy night in front of the fire. 
And then there was Prima.  Discovering that beer, and learning what a truly well-crafted American-brewed pilsner could be—something so entirely different and more expressive, fresh and lively, than any American macro-Lager or imported Lager, let’s say from Germany—well, that was truly something else.  Prima is special, and I always treasure the opportunity to have a fresh glass.
Visiting Victory Brewing Company in Parkesburg, a long overdo pilgrimage of sorts to visit the brewery, and having the chance to drink a slow-pour Prima right at the source, that was a true “victory” for me in my beer drinking history. A moment, a glass of beer, a first sip, something that stood out, something that I know that I won’t soon forget.