Throwback Thursday – SARA Collabasion Edition

Every week, I suppose, it will be time to throw-it-back on Thursday. It’s an easy, fun, and just plain cool way to catch up on life. Catch up on those moments in time that leave an impact, that echo in my mind and memory. 

The first, is this day. A collaboration brew at Sante Adairius Rustic Ales in Capitola, California in February of 2016. 

It was the first time that I met some of these folks, the people at Side Project, Tired Hands, Jackie O’s… These are folks that I hold near and dear, in my world in beer these days. Tim and Adair served as excellent hosts, with Danny and Kyrsten holding down the fort in the back and front of house, respectively. There was good beer, good conversation, laughs, hi-fives and hugs around. 

I also met a truly good person, who is now a lifetime friend, on that very day. It’s not a day that I’ll soon forget.

Here, Jean from Tired Hands in Ardmore, Pennsylvania looks pensively onto the brewday, and the crew gathers round the mash tun for a moment of introspection. 

And the beer? Turned out to be fairly killer… 

Happy Throwback Thursday.