The Egg

Tim Clifford is a brewer, straight up. One who I love and, most definitely, respect. I’m lucky enough to know Tim and to have a little insight into what he wants to brew, want he is excited and invigorated about when it comes to beer. 

He’s humble. He knows when he’s fucked something up. I certainly know when I do. But, he knows good versus not so good. And that is why his beer is so, so great. It takes a humble brewer to brew a great beer. 

But from beer, to food… Tim is into it all. He did a Brewers Residency at Hill Farmstead in August of 2016, working with Shaun E. Hill for the working hours of the day, brewing beers to (hopefully) inspire. But after those working days, we got to hang. Talking beers and food, experimentation and tradition.  Tim decided to go for it. After we cooked a meal on the grill, we all stood around and tried to nail down that next move. The Tim just tossed an egg on the coals…? Hell yes. Are we going fuck this up? Is it going to be good? Or not good? 

A humble egg, that ended up great.