The Devil’s Playthings

Idle Hands Craft Ales is a Belgian-inspired brewery that was founded by husband and wife team, Christopher and Grace Tkach, in 2011 in Everett, Massachusetts. They started off as a “nano” brewery, small, real small. Like 1.5 bbls small. 

When you’re doing just about anything at that small of a scale, you have to really love what it is that you are doing.  And you have to be willing to work like hell to do it.  Apparently the Tkach’s, and the rest of the folks at Idle Hands, really love it. And so do the people drinking beer in the great Boston area. 
Despite challenges with space and facilities, they kept cranking it on the small system and making it work (including a stint “tenant brewery” at Night Shift’s facility). After a brief closure, Idle Hands secured a new location in Malden in 2015 and moved there officially by 2016. With this rebirth of-sorts, the brewery started focusing on servicing their taproom, including a subtle pivot towards American-style beers.  Hoppy beers (think Pale Ales, IPAs, DIPAs…), Lagers, as well as the Belgian beers that inspired the brewery to begin with, these guys are still cranking beers (although at a slightly larger scale). 
The beers are great, approachable, clean and delicious—with Four Seam IPA, perhaps their ‘flagship’ New England Style IPA, being a standout to me during the visit. And the space is a fun and vibrant spot to enjoy a beer, nestled in together with friends and family in the community. 
With clearly so much work behind it, the continued success of this crew just goes to show that even sticking with the name, their hands have been anything but Idle.