That’s All, Folks

On a sleepy street in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, New York, there is a tidy, unassuming building facade.  Gold letters adorn the building: “Folksbier”… Announcing to the world that you’ve found the Tasting Room of Folksbier Braueri. Coming off of the streets and through the door, you’re transported into something entirely different. 

The narrow front of the building unwinds itself straight back into more space, bar seating and stools, long tables and benches, couches. Paintings on the walls, flowers and plants, all adding warmth to the extremely comfortable and welcoming space.  
The back of the building houses the brewery, with stainless steel peeking out from the very end of the Tasting Room space like the summits of a mountain range, peacefully resting off in the approachable but the distant skyline. 
There are just a handful of beers on tap, but they are all approachable. Nice beers to sip on in this quiet space. Folksbier is perhaps the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy City, a place to rest and recharge before diving back onto the streets of Brooklyn.