Taste the Rainbow

​Perhaps what is arguably the preeminent beer bar in Portland, Maine, Novare Res Bier Cafe, just wrapped up their 10th Anniversary celebration. For this past week, the folks at Novare have been pouring some truly remarkable beers, from Cantillon kegs on draft  to Jester King bottle pours to liters of Helles and everything in between. 

The weeklong celebration was also a showcase for over 14 different collaboration beers that were brewed specially and specifically for this event.  The list of collaborators, and the beers that were brewed, was truly quite something to behold, as well…
Among these were collaborations were beers created with Cantillon, Brasserie de la Sennne, Gueuzerie Tilquin, Allagash, Maine Beer Company, Verzet, Orono Brewing Company, etc., etc. 
My favorite beer from the week, however, was unquestionably a beer called Über Frisch, the aforementioned Helles brewed in collaboration with Oxbow Brewing Company from Newcastle, Maine. This beer, available in a liter Maß if ordered as the secret “off-menu” item, was clean, crisp, refreshing, and oh so drinkable. 
The beer is also a testament to the brewers at Oxbow—traditional farmhouse/funky/spontaneous/wild brewers who just so happen to brew some of the best, cleanest, most delicious lagers in Maine (they brew an Italian-style pilsner that is crisp and clean as well, Luppolo, one of my favorite beers available here around town). Seek this fine drinker out (they were also pouring Über Frisch at Oxbow’s Bottling and Blending facility in Portland this past week) before it’s gone. 
Cheers to 10 more years of slingin’ beers at Novare in Portland…