Small But Sure

Real estate is at a premium in New York City. And that’s not more true than at Threes Brewing in the borough of Brooklyn. 

Squeezed into the space at 333 Douglass Street is a thriving brewery, bar, and events space. But things are tight at Threes.  The brewery sits in back of the bar, and the space has long since been maxed out as far as dropping stainless steel back there. 

Threes brews a lot of German-style lagers, including Vliet, perhaps their flagship beer, a Pilsner. The beer has taken off in popularity, and NYC is thirsty for more and more Pils. For a number of reasons, beers like Vliet are technically difficult to brew and generally take longer to produce, so that puts more of a demand squeeze on Threes, a brewery that also brews beers across a huge list of diverse beer styles.  Now, Threes is already incredibly creative with space—moving storage to a warehouse around the corner, rolling a mobile canning line into their bar and packaging in the mornings before moving the tables and chairs and barstools back in for service. They’re trying, but it isn’t enough. 

Enter Industrial Arts Brewing Company in Garnerville, New York.  Located Upstate and out of the City proper, Jeff “Chief” O’Neil has got the space, the capacity, and a brewhouse that’s virtually built to brew beers like Vliet. Announced today, the two breweries will partner to brew Threes’ Vliet at Industrial Arts in order to service the demand in the New York market. 

It’s a creative, collaborative way for a small brewery to gain surer footing. And brew more Pilsner. Stoked for these guys.