Playing with Fire

Goodfire Brewing opened its doors in late 2017. They are still one of the newest breweries in Portland, but they are arguably one of the more compelling breweries operating in the Forest City. 

Their beers are seemingly simple—riffs on New England-style IPAs and Double IPAs that typically showcase a single hop varietal. Citra (featured in their beer called Prime), Vic Secret (Waves), Galaxy (Crystals), and Mosaic (Hydro)… Gordon, Chris, and David aren’t messing around, playing and brewing with these “fire” hop varietals. The swing-for-the-fences hops. The cheat code hops. Gunslingers.

But it pays off, in that these beers are good. Pretty damn delicious, in fact. 

Oh, and their table beer, Tiny Wrist Circles? It’s the perfect respite from the hazy hoppy beers that Goodfire is quickly becoming known for.