Noble Souls

I really love beer. And, I also love really, really good old fashioned BBQ. Smoked meats, no sauce needed. When the two come together, for me, I am in a pure state of guilty, indulgent bliss.

Although I have attempted to endeavor upon both of these loves of mine at home–both homebrewing and smoking meats at home–I have always, and quickly so, realized that there are people who can do both much, much better than myself. 
Some of the virtuous people who are putting great beer together alongside some great BBQ are the folks at Noble Barbecue. Located right down the street from Allagash on Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine, Noble is always a must-visit when you’re heading out to, or coming back from, the Industrial Park (or better yet, stop both times, I dare you).  
In addition to a small but thoughtfully curated selection of beers on draft and in bottles and cans, many of them locally brewed in Maine, the BBQ menu is simple and on point (with no brisket pun intended, there).  Chopped Pork, Beef Brisket, Smoked Pastrami, Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Proper sandwiches or by the pound. 
It’s all good. Like, really good. Owner Ryan Carey prides himself on the Pastrami, and Noble delivers here, for sure. Salty, peppery, juicy, tender, succulent even, warm and delicious. Just the right amount of smoke kissing the beef.  Yessir, no sauce needed right here. 
If gratitude is the sign of noble souls, I am never nothing but thankful after a beer and way more BBQ than I ever, should ever, eat at Noble.