No Need to Second Guess

It’s generally safe to say that I really enjoy surprises, or a least those that fall within the “nice” category. I mean, doesn’t everybody love a good surprise? 

The Brewers Association puts the end-of-year count on breweries in the United States for 2017 at 6,372. With that many breweries, there is bound to be at least one or two that I’ve never heard of… At least… 
Second District falls squarely into that camp. No clue. I landed in Philadelphia, and my good friend picked me up from the airport. “Let’s check out some spots in Philly,” he said. Naturally, I assumed Monk’s Cafe (we ended up visiting there too). But instead, he brought me straight away to Second District Brewing Company. 
Located in Newbold, South Philly, this spot is helmed by brewer Ben Potts, a guy who cut his teeth at Dogfish Head and then Tired Hands in nearby Ardmore, Pennsylvania. They brew a pale ale at Second District, Bancroft Beer, named for the street the brewery sits upon.  A singularly hopped, easy-drinking, sessionable beer featuring Mosaic hops. Knowing little, it was the first beer I ordered in Philly.
One sip, and I was “nicely” surprised at just how tasty it was.  A second sip, and I was sold on Second District.‚Äč