New England’s Lager House

We drove all around the entire state of Massachusetts, or so it seemed, before we arrive at a non-descript white and green industrial warehouse in Framingham. The sign on the wall read: “Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers.” It was exactly where we wanted to be at 11:30 in the morning on a sunny, crisp, Saturday. 

We were there to see an old friend, Matt Cameron, the Beer Hall Shift Manager. And when we walked inside the building with him and his fiancé, that’s right where we were. A badass, German-inspired Beer Hall. And the beers? Lagers. And lot’s of them… 

House Lager (their take on a Helles), Post-Shift Pils, a Vienna Lager, a Kellerbier, and some hop-forward IPLs… Truly a Lager house, and all truly delicious. 

We had a few glasses of Lager and walked around their facility, a stunning 60-BBL brewery built specifically to brew, well, Lagers. 

By the time we left the building, and on our way out, we saw that the Beer Hall was full, Lagers were being enjoyed by families, friends, the beer-geek and otherwise alike. Life—and the Lager—was good.