Nashville’s Local

In the up-and-coming beer town of Nashville, Tennessee, Yazoo Brewing Company seems to be positioned as somewhat of a heritage brewery.  Amongst a whole heap of new-comers, having been opened way-the-hell back in 2003, they just might as well be. 

The brewery quickly gained a local following at the time by supplying the scene with kegs of Pale Ale, a Wheat beer, a Stout… Their draft success led them to package beer, and the brewery started to bottle beer in 2005 (and they still package all their beer in a bottle to this day).  Year-after-year, the brewery continued to expand its footprint and gain notoriety by brewing the classics: Yazoo Pale Ale, a Hefeweizen, a relatively traditional IPA, a Porter, a Pilsner. 
In 2010, they moved brewing operations to a new location in The Gulch “district” of Nashville. The brick building features a gated beer garden and an expansive tasting room that mirrors the timelessness of the classic beer styles that are the focus of Yazoo’s core beers.  This is Nashville’s spot to drink classic beers. These beers are Nashville’s beers.  
Yet, tucked away within the Yazoo fold is Brandon Jones and Embrace The Funk. And he is excelling in a complimentary role to Yazoo’s core lineup of classic, clean beers. His line of “Wild Child,” funky beers is not-so-classic, but they are really, really good.  A true contrast to the beers brewed under the Yazoo name. Brandon and the brewery hosted “Funk Fest” to kick off the CBC week, inviting countless leaders within the industry who focus on funky/wild/sour beers, and the Embrace The Funk beers poured at the Fest were the talk of the town amongst those brewers attending the Conference.  
And although these funky beers may have stood out in Nashville as indicative of what’s new(er) in the Nashville beer scene, the neon Yazoo signs in the bars and honky-tonks around town, and the countless Yazoo bottles in the beer fridges, told a clear story: Yazoo is Nashville’s Local. ‚Äč