More Maine Beer

Maine Beer. 

I suppose the first word that comes to my mind is ‘Lunch.’ It is likely the first “Maine” IPA that trended toward what we are so inundated with these days. I had an infatuation with that beer in California, we could never get it. A bold, hop-forward IPA with low bitterness, a smooth finish. But, not as sexy these days. A stand-by. It has perhaps lost some luster… Maybe so, maybe not.

But, Lunch is a good beer. As is Peeper, MO, Zoe, Another One, Post Ride Snack, King Titus, Mean Old Tom, these beers from Maine Beer Co. are the standard bearers in Maine. Iconoclasts. Great, great beers.

And MBC is expanding. Big time! A new 60-BBL brewhouse is now online, and the beer tastes just as good as before, if not better. 

It’s a wild, wild, west as far as growth and distro and price point and package format go. But these folks at MBC have been around awhile, I think they’ll do just fine…