Measure Twice

​Nestled right there on East Street in Northfield, Vermont is Good Measure Brewing Company. If you’re familiar with beer in Vermont, or hell, maybe even with beer in the general New England area, you’re familiar with Scott Kerner.  Perhaps best known as the founder of the venerable beer bar, Three Penny Taproom, Kerner is undeniably a serial entrepreneur. And Good Measure is his brewery project. 

Together with co-owner and brewer Andrew Leichthammer, Kerner opened Good Measure in the fall of 2016, and they’ve been quietly but assuredly brewing beers in their small brewhouse ever sense.  With a focus on palatability and drinkability, the brewery produces a diverse range of beers across most style lines—nothing crazy, over the top, but everything measured and, well, good. 
The spot is unique in its clientele, just out-of-the-way enough and positioned in a small town to serve the local community. Just recognizable enough to draw beer tourists to Northfield—located a few minutes drive outside of Montpelier, where Three Penny is located, the state’s capital—who religiously make the pilgrimage to the Green Mountain State. 
Its a friendly, hospitable environs, with Kerner behind the bar, himself, literally every Friday shift. And when you’re there visiting and he pours you a beer, say a glass of Early Riser, their flagship Cream Ale, things are oh so just right.