Live Well

There have been several iterations of Tree House Brewing Company, come to think of it. I’m not even totally certain on the origins of the spot (it was started by some good friends, well before my time in the New England scene), but from what I gather, it was a tiny brewery, in what may or may not have been an actual treehouse.  And it caught my eye and attention. 

I first visited the brewery in Monson, roughly two years ago. It was a brewery full of happy people, staff and customers alike. A decent size operation, cranking as much beer as they could.  It had a sense of mystery, but was bustling with laughter and good cheer. Clearly, even back then, the brewery was hitting its stride. 

Fast forward to today, with their new facility up and fully operational… A swing for the fences, and it’s a true sight to behold. A massive, pretty-much fully automated brewhouse installed in the space, an impressive cellar, and a retail space made to try to do all that they do. It’s a veritable playhouse for beer lovers. All for Hazy, Green, New England-style IPAs. 

The new joint seems to be another point on the timeline for the constant reinvention of the brewery, but all of it means its constantly becoming a better iteration of Tree House. The people are still just as happy. And sure as hell, the folks who wait online for the beers are happy too. And there is a lot more beer to go around. 

The vibe is all laughter and good cheer. And there is a special something to the place that is quite inspiring in many senses of the word. 

I can dig it. Here’s to living well.