Lit Up Alright

Housed inside of what used to been an old auto mechanic’s garage in Cambridge, Massachusetts is Lamplighter Brewing Co. It’s one hell of a swanky spot. Full of modern artwork, plants, and as you might have guessed, lamps, it’s a killer space to have a beer.

Or a coffee, for that matter.  In the morning hours, the taproom space transforms into Longfellows Cambridge, a coffee joint that offers the gamut of caffeinated beverages as well as an array of small pastry bites. 
But fear not, they start pouring beers everyday at 11:00am (other than Mondays when the beer retail operation is closed entirely).  Their beers run the gamut as well—Belgian-inspired styles, lagers, kettle soured beers, IPAs, dark beers, beers with coffee (just makes sense)… There is something on the menu for just about everyone.  
Good beer, good coffee, all in a family-friendly, community-oriented third-space… What’s not to love about lamp.