Inside the Park Home Run

Given the sheer number of breweries currently operating in the United States (and throughout the world), it’s no surprise to find them situated in all sorts of places. There are breweries in former churches, old elementary schools, inside of a bank vault, in a jailhouse. And now one inside of Citifield. 

The home of the New York Mets in Flushing, New York City, is also recently now the East Coast home to Mikkeller. Once perhaps the archetypical, poster-boy “gypsy” brewery, Mikkeller partnered with AleSmith Brewing Company in 2016 to open Mikkeller SD in Miramar, San Diego, inside of AleSmith’s old brewery.
Mikkeller NYC is the global beer magnate’s second U.S. brewing facility (Mikkeller also operates beer bars in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the U.S., operates a brewpub styled as War Pigs in Copenhagen in conjunction with another U.S. brewery, Three Floyd’s, as well as operating myriad beer bars in Copenhagen, Taiwan, Tokyo, Iceland, Spain, Romania, you name it). And the Mikkeller NYC facility is straight-up impressive.
An incredibly shiny 20-barrel Premier Stainless brewhouse is the showpiece in the 10,000 square foot facility, with 20-barrel conicals stacked on top of each other in a gravity-defying display of engineering and design. The taproom is cavernous, but quickly fills up on game days. With 60 draft lines, there is a ton of beer on tap, beers from Mikkeller SD, Mikkeller EU, Mikkeller NYC, alongside guest breweries and friends like Hill Farmstead and Suarez Family Brewery. 
And the Mikkeller NYC beers are good, an IPA and a Pils, Henry Hops and Say Hey Sally, leading production on draft and packaged in easy to grab-and-go cans. All adorned with that classic, iconic Keith Shore artwork bringing the uniquely distinctive Mikkeller look and feel to it all. It’s a spot so impressive, in fact, it just might get me to go to a Mets game.