I’m Looking Through

Beer is beautiful. There is absolutely no doubting that fact. 
And there are many things about beer that make it beautiful. There is the taste of the beverage itself. There is the social lubrication element, the camaraderie and the intimate interaction that is sharing a glass of beer with someone–an old friend or a new one.
But at least partially in my mind, there is nothing more attractive, more aesthetically pleasing than a proper head of foam atop a freshly poured glass of beer. Foam is more or less carbonation that rises to sit atop the liquid beer, and despite the fact that all beer is (typically) carbonated, it takes a brewer of skill to create that proper head of foam. Not all beer foam is created equal.
The composition of the beer–crafted meticulously by the decisions and the process of a skilled brewer–affects the foam. Water chemistry, malt, protein, mash pH, wort production, hops, yeast, fermentation. A brewer who is not attuned to these devices will not succeed in producing that truly special layer of foam. 
Some may say that the first sip of beer is often with the eyes, and without beer foam, that is more likely than not a beer that I would not care to sip.​