If They Don’t Have It, You Don’t Need It

​For whatever reason (or perhaps for many reasons), I am fascinated by The Willey’s True Value Store in Greensboro, Vermont.  Although that’s what Google calls it, we always simply called it “Willey’s.” 

I spent many hours meandering the narrow isles looking at the myriad items on sale. It might not look like it, from the unassuming appearance of the white-shingled, simple facade outside, but inside, Willey’s is practically cavernous. And they just about sell it all… 
Upstairs is the clothing section, where I purchased everything from a pair of Muck Boots, to my Carhartt jeans, to perhaps the best pair of wool socks I’ve ever owned (never underestimate how much satisfaction and comfort there might be in a well-made pair of wool socks).
The hardware section has everything from finishing nails to snow shovels. Need a shotgun? You can buy one at Willey’s. Looking for a frying pan? I bought one at Willey’s (note: I did not, however, purchase a shotgun). Sliced deli meat? You got it (note: the blackened turkey is the go-to).
Willey’s is the only place in the world where you will find Hill Farmstead bottles on-the-shelf, right across from the cooler full of Budweiser and Co​​​​ors. And just around the corner is perhaps the best selection of Jasper Hill cheeses you’ll ever see, right across the aisle from a Goldfish cracker end-cap. It’s hi and low all at once. Not one or the other.
Each and every time I return to town, Willey’s is my first stop, a do-not-miss. And each time that I do visit, I unexpectedly (but unsurprisingly) find one more reason to be fascinated.