Form Follows Function

‚ÄčIf you look closely, all the way toward the far end of a certain alley in West Kensington Philadelphia, you’ll see a small green light. You won’t, however, see a sign for Fermentery Form, but sure enough, it is right there.
Recently named one of the 50 Best New Breweries by BeerAdvocate Magazine, Form isn’t actually a brewery at all, at least not quite.  There is no brewhouse at this location, instead Ethan Tripp and the small production crew purchase wort from the nearby Saint Benjamin Brewing Company
They then truck the wort over to their spot, and ferment the beers in stainless and oak with a focus on mixed fermentation and a Solera system of blending.  The beers are all bottle or cask conditioned, re-fermented in the package, and are then served by the bottle or on draft from their 3-tap system in the small, converted tasting room space. 
They are still a relatively new operation, just about a year into it now, but the beers show a range and they are good, hinting at potential greatness.  I’m looking forward to revisiting the place and the crew and the beers, seeing what might eventually come to Form.