Drink Like a Monk

Unlike out on the West Coast, the cities on the East Coast are old. Cultured and full of history.  Those brick buildings and cobbled streets harbor countless stories from centuries past. There are secrets to be discovered, if one knows where to look. 
And Philadelphia is perhaps the quintessential East Coast city. It’s a storied place within the narrative of our country, it is timeless and singular.  It’s an old city, indeed.
It’s also one of the oldest beer cities in the States. Having created the concept of the “Beer Week,” Philadelphia has long been a beer drinking town. And if you want to go to one of the best places for drinking beer in Philly (if not the world), it’s no secret at all.  You go to Monk’s Cafe. 
The self described “Soul of Belgium in the Heart of Philadelphia” has been the place for beers in Philly for over twenty years.  Sir Tom Peters, co-owner of Monk’s along with Fergus Carey, is practically beer royalty, having traveled the globe to bring back the finest beers to serve at his bar.  
The spot is always on my list whenever I can make it to Philadelphia.  And whether it’s vintage bottles of Cantillon, or fresh pints of Blind Pig from Russian River, Monk’s Cafe is—and very nearly always has been—timeless.