Down on Main Street

Forest & Main, the intersecting streets in the quiet suburb of Philadelphia, in Ambler, Pennsylvania, makes total sense as a location. They’re just any two streets, and a house on a corner in a sleepy town.
Forest & Main, the pub and brewery in Ambler, Pennsylvania, makes relatively no sense as a location. It’s just a world-class brewery, in a house on a corner in a sleepy town. In all sense, it shouldn’t be there, and when you taste the beers you wouldn’t expect it to be.  But there it sure is. 
61 North Main Street houses (literally) a small brewery in back of a small kitchen.  It is here where Gerard, Dan, Zach, and the crew brew compelling and complex saisons, and subtle and nuanced, easy drinking IPAs. The beers are truly excellent, coming from a very manual, cobbled together brewhouse system.  
With a recent expansion in the “new space” next door, the gang has started packaging beer in “BB tubes,” canning using a mobile canner.  They are packaging hoppy beers into 16-ounce four-packs, but they are also can-conditioning saisons, a relatively unique undertaking in today’s day. 
Adorned by enchanting artwork and given whimsical names, these beers are a reflection of all that makes Forest & Main—the location, the brewhouse, the pub, the kitchen, the people there—all so very special. And in all reality, it absolutely does make sense.