Coming to a Head

Nestled away on a wharf in the Old Port in Portland, Maine is a cozy, comfortable, familiar beer bar. One of my favorite bars that I’ve been in, The King’s Head.  

The staid brick building’s foundation was built with the debris from King George III’s shelling, bombing, and burning of the Old Port—and the rest, is well, history. 
You step inside to a welcoming bar, with seating for diners flanking both to the right and left inside of the space. The draft list features a varied line-up of world-class beer, ranging across just about every beer style. Although they pour a lot of local beer, they don’t just bring in local beers for the sake of carrying local—you’ll find great examples of beers from breweries from just about every state in the U.S., as well as imported beers from Germany and the UK. 
You can get anything from a half-liter of German Pils or Hefe, to a 10oz pour of a New England-Style DIPA, or a snifter glass of an adjunct stout. The food is relatively simply, but well-executed and delicious. And the housemade beef jerky is out-of-this-world.
It’s my fall Sunday afternoon football go-to spot, as well as my snowy winter evening place to hideaway. It feels that it should be exactly where—and what—it is in Portland, Maine.