Closer to Home

Peterson Quality Malt sits in quiet Monkton, Vermont, the first commercial malt house to open in the state. It’s the project of Andrew Peterson, who aims to produce local malt for brewers in the Green Mountain State. 

“Most of what I do is Pilsner-style, very light with high extract. Most everyone is using it for their base malt,” Peterson tells me. 

One of those breweries is Foam Brewers, located in Burlington, Vermont. Brewer Todd Haire prides himself on sourcing Foam’s malt from Peterson, and the beers that Foam produces with the malt from Monkton are delicious in their own right. 

The malt house can batch-out 4,000 lbs. of malt at a time, but it’s production is already at capacity. With plenty of local demand from breweries like Foam in Vermont, Peterson is looking to grow the business. “The demand keeps going up, and we’re maxed out on space here, so will be looking to expand to a new location in the area.” 

In his own way, Peterson is bringing malt as an ingredient, and therefore the beer, closer to home in Vermont.