Built for Beer

There are beer bars, and then there are beer bars.  Tørst Bar in Brooklyn, New York falls squarely into a group of the latter.  

The Danish establishment is starkly decorated, if not a bit uninviting from an initial observation. It’s utilitarian.  It’s pragmatic.  It’s pretty freakin’ cool.  
The wood walls lining the interior of the bar are unadorned, as is the granite bar top and the backsplash that bolsters 21 rotating taps, beautiful and functional flow-control faucets.  And that tap list is everything a beer lover might hope for… Easy drinking beers like lagers from Suarez Family Brewing and Threes, to big brash beers from breweries like The Bruery and Evil Twin.  Beers from NYC alongside beers from around the globe. 
Beers like Boat from Carton Brewing on draft—a beer made for drinking, a simple beer that you don’t need to really think to hard about if you don’t want to (or you can obsessively deconstruct everything that goes into it). And beers like Ish on the bottle list—a collaboration between Oxbow Beer from Newcastle, Maine and Monkish Brewing in Torrance, California. A mixed fermentation, barrel-aged, dark farmhouse ale that is perhaps as characteristically complex as Boat beer is simple.  And both of these beers, all the beers at Tørst for that matter, are served in a gorgeous, iconic wine glass, the one and only piece of glassware that they have on-hand.

Behind the scenes is their beer flux capacitor draft system, an intricate piece of beer-service brilliance designed by Gabe Gordon from Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach, California. This allows the kegs of beer at Tørst to be both individually set to the proper service temperature, as well as the proper pressure for service. A perfect pour of draft beer, every time.

With so much diverse, great beer to offer, Tørst is a rabbit hole of a beer bar that any beer drinker should eventually find their way down.