​There is something alluring, mysterious about visiting Tree House Brewing’s spot in Charlton, Massachusetts, even if you have been there once or twice before. The place is practically built to instill those feelings in you—the long, winding drive that takes you from the lower parking lot up to the brewery, past an enormous sign that reads “Tree House Brewing Company” and announces your arrival.  

There is a peaceful pond along the side of the building as you walk around to the front door, with rocks assembled and stacked and arranged in mischievous ways that curl your lip and simply force a smile on your face.  Walking further you come to a large pavilion, with rows of picnic tables and outdoor seating. Two giant wood hearths, alit with flames at the far end, a view straight from Valhalla.  
Inside the space it is absolutely crowded, but not directly uncomfortable.  The retail operation is on one side of the building—can sales and merchandise of all sorts. On the other side of the building, there sits a beautiful bar with dual rows of taps and a lot of Tree House beers on tap. And they’re all really, really good beers at that, if not surprisingly so. 
This place can see upwards of thousands of people visiting per day, coming through it to purchase cans or enjoy a beer, but you’d hardly be able to tell. Once you have a pint in hand, you close your eyes, bring your beer upward, and breathe in. Then you take a sip and watch the sun set, as if you are all there, for just that moment, all by yourself.