Anchored in San Francisco

Anchor Brewing in San Fransisco. The brewery sits, currently, in Potrero Hill.  I used to live just a few minutes away from what very might be the most iconic “craft” brewery in the United States. I used to visit often, but now living on the East Coast, I do not visit so much… Last December was my annual trip… And it was revitalizing. The brewery, the beers, the people, all exciting.  

The beers, however, so very excellent. So, it’s easy for me to say they are iconic. Anchor Steam, Anchor Porter, Anchor Liberty Ale, Anchor Christmas. California Lager, to boot!  

These beers are very much not the beers that people really care about, sadly, and it’s been a tough run for these folks, in a sense. But I hope they can keep doing what they do… 

And damnit, a glass of Anchor Steam, right there in San Fran. So perfect, in every-way.