Abloom in Nashville

​When visiting Nashville, Tennessee for the Brewers Association’s Craft Brewers Conference this past April, there was a pronounced and nearly constant buzz surrounding Bearded Iris Brewing Company located in East Germantown. 

And like a proverbial bee might swarm to a flower, so too did thousands of brewers and industry folks flock to Bearded Iris’ brewery and tasting room during the week. The BIBCO crew proved to be the ultimate hosts–they kicked off the week with an industry bottle share where brewers from spots like Modern Times, Threes, Creature Comforts, and more gathered to share beers from around the country, a moment to greet and gather before the (overwhelming) Conference kicked-off.  And every day and night, Bearded Iris put on a true showcase of their beers within the context of the “up-and-coming” scene in Nashville. 
It was impressive to see the admiration from the industry for these guys at BIBCO. Brewing a lot of IPAs and DIPAs, certainly popular beers, but doing so in a nuanced way that highlights subtle differences in ingredients and process and differentiated each offering in a way that made you take a sip, say “huh,” and go back for another sip to explore more.  
And they easily had my favorite beer of the trip to Tennessee. On the complete other side of the beer spectrum from IPA and DIPA, you might find “Dreams of Yesterday,” a Pilsner with Oyster Shells brewed in collaboration with the aforementioned Threes Brewing from Brooklyn, NYC. 
Dreams of Yesterday was clean, crisp, crackery, dry, with just a kiss of salinity. Utterly drinkable and delicious. Strolling around their facility, chatting with the crew, with a can in hand, I suppose it all proved entirely buzz-worthy.