A Walk on the Wild Side

As if one impressive space for drinking beers in Framingham, Massachusetts wasn’t enough, the folks behind Jack’s Abby have doubled down with an equally impressive facility just next door—Springdale. 

Springdale was founded as the “experimental offshoot” of Jack’s Abby, an all-Lager brewhouse. These Springdale beers, IPAs and barrel-aged sours that quite literally don’t have a home in the Jack’s portfolio, are brewed in the Jack’s Abby facility, but are separately served and barrel-aged (respectively) at Springdale. 
The adjacent location features a colorful, creative tasting room that overlooks rows and rows of barrels. Vibrant artwork, open lighting, video games and board games—it’s a welcoming space and an enjoyable change of pace from the Jack’s Abby beer hall.  
Perhaps importantly for Jack’s Abby, the space gives its brewers and its employees a chance to focus on experimental, fun, and innovative projects.  Both in the short term, with New-England styles hoppy beers, and in the longer term by sending beer to oak. 
Springdale is a fun marriage of “hurry-up-and-drink-me-fresh” IPA focus with “wait-and-see” barrel-aging mentality. Jack’s Abby… taking a walk on the wild side.​