A Swig at the Pig

It seems as though everyone in the beer world in Portland, Maine has a “Thirsty Pig” story.  This place seemingly often means a lot, to a lot of people in town.  My story is relatively straightforward, but much like The Pig, it’s a fond and loving memory, and it always makes me smile. 

Nearly two years ago I was visiting the joint with my Ma and Dad.  We were sitting at a booth in the Thirsty Pig, shaking up a game of dominos.  This California kid was sipping on a Maine Beer Co. Lunch, a beer we simply could not get in San Diego. And, man, it was tasting great.  As we sat there and played a few games, I watched people come and people go, to and from the bar. I’ll not soon forget that afternoon spent with my family there.  And through simple observation, there was a clear theme evident in this place—this spot was made for fun. 

Each and every person who came into the Thirty Pig was there to have some fun.  The staff were having fun, it was clear on their faces as they poured beers and prepared and cooked food—interacting with each other and with the guests who collectively found there way here.  The well-curated taplist was full of beers—most of them local to the state of Maine—that for lack of a better adjective were, well, fun. The space, exposed brick, a small bar, a few tables and booths, some unique decorative touches, it was a fun space.  A campy 80’s movie was playing on the TV screen. And, as I’d find out later, the folks who run the joint, Ali and Dave, are simply straight up kind and fun people. 

I don’t always aim to head there, but I walked down to The Pig yesterday for a beer, and the experience was, you guessed, just plain fun.